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Cloud Based Analytics

All of your key business data only a click away


Monitor Your Growth

See your business’s reports on sales, items, and customers all in one neat summary for any date range

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Run Your Business Anywhere

You don’t have to be in your store to know how your business is doing. Access real-time data and see how it all adds up


POS On Cloud

Automatically synchronize data and check your account from anywhere. Take care of all the updates easily



No need to wait on end-of-day reports—check ePaisa Analytics anytime to get a handle on sales, customers, and more.
Get summary of your business’s sales activities, including payments, products sold, and traffic for the day, week, month or even the year.

Spot What’s Selling

Break down sales down to the item and quickly see those that need your attention
Track trends in your business.
Get ideas for offers based on top-selling products

See Total Sales

Access your detailed sales reports including payments, products sold, and traffic
Compare performance data to last week, last month, and six months ago
See sales transactions by locations

Discover Business’ Growth

Get daily summaries of sales, items, and customers all in one neat digest.

Download up-to-the-minute CSVs of your transactions, deposits, and sales by item and location

Export using Tally, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDFs and Google Docs.

Want to know how your business is doing while you are travelling? Now you can. ePaisa Analytics lets you see real-time sales data at a glance from your smartphone.


Understand Your Customers In A Whole New Way


New Customers

Identify new customers and find out how much the average customer spends

Customer Feedback

Identify new customers and find out how much the average customer spends

Returning Customers

Find out their purchasing habits and no of visits and send promotional offers

Customer Visits

Identify your loyal customer’s last visit & send promotional offers

Cloud Based Reporting


No Specialized Hardware Or Software

Reduces Time Spent At The Point Of Sale By Streamlining All Processes

Easy To Setup. Just Register And Create An Account.

No Need To Take Backups Every Hour

The Power Of Reliable Server Infrastructure At Small Fraction Of The Cost

Accessible Anywhere

Secured Data

Manage Your Customers

Managing your customers with ePaisa is fast and easy. Create an ePaisa account or sign in to your dashboard to get started.


Let Us Help You Grow Your Business

See how many customers visited and purchased products from your business and 

 also the actual sales impact of your marketing efforts—all in your Dashboard.

A complete payments platform engineered for growth.

Build and scale your recurring business model.

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