Free Loyalty Program

Reward customers for their purchases, activities and more with your own loyalty program for free

Engage Your Customers

ENCapture and validate email addresses for email marketing and provide targeted promotions

Customize Digital Receipts

Increase customer satisfaction, support loyalty programs, and enhance relationships without the length paperwork

Synchronize Data

Sync your customers’ details automatically, to track or reference their order – no matter where it was placed.


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Create Your Own Loyalty Program

  • Reward your customers with loyalty points on every qualifying purchase.
  • Provide personalized offers to keep them coming back and increase sales.
  • Allow customers to redeem it against future purchases by showing them their loyalty balance on receipts.
  • Offer one simple customer loyalty reward rate on all products, or apply custom rates for special products.
  • Easily Manage Customer Information

  • Edit, add, and upload new customer information effortlessly, at any time.
  • Add any additional information, edit and manage customer details directly from your Dashboard.
  • Record sales or credit against customer accounts.
  • View your customers’ purchase history to better understand what your customers are buying and when they’re visiting—so you can provide more personalized service.
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    Digitalize Customer Feedback

  • Get feedback from your customers on digital receipts making it easier to view store performance or simply to enhance your own services.
  • View customer ratings sorted by date and category right from your Dashboard and track the success of your service.
  • Seeing where you can improve over time can help you turn unhappy customers into loyal ones.
  • Keep customer engaged by adding links to your social media on the digital receipts. Allow shoppers to Like or Tweet their favorite purchases, giving you increased exposure.
  • Keep Customers Coming Back

  • Keep a tab on how often your customer visits, what they buy and how much they spend with ePaisa Analytics
  • Send personalized and targeted emails to customers based on visit frequency and build customer relationships.
  • Integrate with MailChimp and allow your customers to receive coupons or special offers to their email addresses.
  • Send promotional offers to your loyal customers and allow them to redeem their loyalty points
  • customer database

    Get to know your customers better by accessing their data from anywhere for free. Create an ePaisa account or sign in to your dashboard to get started.

    Track Visits And Sales

    See how many customers visited and purchased products from your business and also the actual sales impact of your marketing efforts—all in your Dashboard.