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Food and Beverage

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One app to run your business. ePaisa, the ideal mobile Point of Sale, runs on any smartphone or tablet and is free to download.


Regardless of how your customer orders, at the counter or on-the-go, ePaisa gets you payment-ready. Put the finishing touches to your business and keep the important stuff organized with ePaisa inventory management and back-office tools.

Restaurants All Over India Serve With ePaisa.

“Now I can talk to my customers and give better service while taking their payments right at the table. ”

Robin Jha, Tpot Cafe

The App That Takes Care Of Your Business

From order processing and payments to service charges and discounts, the free ePaisa POS app handles the work so you can get back to running your business.


Run Your Restaurant


Manage Inventory

Get everything you need to run your business, from analytics to inventory updates, so that you can stay in tune with your stock and be focused on your service.


Get Paid Faster

By accepting all kinds of payments - cash, cheques, coupons (Sodexo), meal vouchers, cards and even credit (udhaar), you can speed up transactions, keep lines short and quickly ring up sales with minimal fuss.


Manage your inventory for free with ePaisa. Upload and manage multiple items and control details like name, price, and quantity. Get reorder alerts when your stock is running low.


Engage Your Customer

Keep your customers and drive repeat business sales by collecting customers' email addresses at checkout and send out personalized offers.


Send Digital Receipts

Send digital receipts and get feedback from your customers at checkout. Customize taxes, discounts and the signature screen with your logo.


Track Sales

Review your complete sales history, learn more about your business and identify your loyal customers and their average spend with ePaisa Analytics.


Learn more about the products we have to offer.


Add Intuitive Modifiers

Take orders with simple, intuitive item modifiers, add applicable taxes to the order and make your sale. Add counts to your products and get reorder alerts when products are low on stock.


Accept Payments Away From Counters

No need to go back and forth between the table and counter -- with ePaisa card reader, customers can pay remotely.


Cater To Your Counter

Sell with style by purchasing our integrated solution of POS hardware complete with a receipt printer, a cash drawer, tablet stand and a barcode scanner.

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Let Us Help You Grow Your Business

Our sales team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your business needs.

A complete payments platform engineered for growth.

Build and scale your recurring business model.

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