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What began with an observation that India has over 400 Million credit & debit cards, 40 Million retail outlets but only 1 Million terminals, 40% of which don’t work due to outdated technology and lack of infrastructure i.e. shortage of power, stable telephone lines and technical support.

ePaisa is enabling small and medium businesses (SME’s) to run their businesses more efficiently with same tools as the big businesses use thereby increasing profitability and efficiency for SME’s.


Tools to make SME’s succeed.

ePaisa’s multi-lingual mobile based point of sale app (with features like cash register, inventory control, analytics and loyalty program) enables SME’s to accept payments via card, cash or loyalty points but also helps SME’s to generate higher profitability through value added service (VAS) offerings like bill & utility payments, mobile recharge, money transfer, rail, air and events ticketing, gift cards and more. VAS offerings help increase foot-traffic and revenue for the SME’s thereby making ePaisa point of sale a profitability tool.


ePaisa is working hard to ensure that accepting payments is neither complicated nor old fashioned. The process should neither require lengthy paperwork nor expensive terminals.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners ourselves, we believe in the power of SME’s and entrepreneurship, especially the positive effects it brings to the people, the community and to the economy of our nation.

As a nationwide point of sale solution provider we are actively involved in digitizing local businesses everywhere. Stay in-the-know with ePaisa’s current events and media coverage.

Straight facts, why ePaisa

What is ePaisa Point of Sale?

ePaisa is a free point of sale and cloud-based app that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a complete business management solution. The smartphone or tablet is used at the point of sale to ring up sales, manage inventory, and build customer loyalty while the cloud-based back-office tools give you access to the sales report and analytics thus helping you make smarter decisions for your business.

Is it really free?

Yes, it is free forever

What does it mean that ePaisa is cloud-based, exactly?

This means that ePaisa allows you to safely access your data through your ePaisa account wherever you are at anytime you want it. You don’t need servers to maintain the data in your store and technical maintenance to perform.

Does ePaisa POS work on any device?

ePaisa POS works on any smartphone or tablet running on iOS and Android OS.

Does ePaisa accept debit and credit card payments?

ePaisa POS accepts all kinds of payments cash, cheque, credit (udhaar) and also all major debit and credit cards.

How does ePaisa POS take debit and credit card payments?

The ePaisa Chip & PIN card reader can process all major credit and debit cards. There are no hidden costs. You just pay per successful transaction and get deposits the next business day. The card reader also seamlessly integrates with our free POS app.

So, what are “Analytics”?

Analytics help you view patterns in large amounts of data captured by the app. ePaisa’s analytics software lets you see real-time charts and graphs of what has been sold, which hour is your busiest, and what items you need to re-order. All reporting is built real time and is offered 24×7 from anywhere on the cloud.

Why switch from traditional point of sale solution to a mobile point of sale?

There has been a lot of discussion among brick-and-mortar merchants over the advantages of switching from the traditional in-store point of sale system to a cloud-based version that can be run from smartphone or tablet.

To help you weigh the benefits, here are the justifications for digitizing your point of sale

  • Accept payments on the go
  • Easily integrate your Sales and Marketing tools
  • Easily manage inventory
  • Reduce costs
  • Access everything in one place

Lets build a stronger nation by enabling commerce for businesses and entrepreneurs.


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