The point of sale app designed for you addresses your delivery requirements, simplifies workflow processes and allows easy transfer of information from mobile devices to the back-office.


Accept credit cards payments on delivery, instantly send and receive information from back-office and run your business from your smartphone or tablet. Connect to inventories and get real-time updates

Accept Payments On-the-go

“It’s a fast and easy way to get an overview of our transactions and accept credit card payments”

Mr. Richard Rodrigues, Shuddhi Therapy


Mobile Payment System For Your Business

ePaisa is one service for your entire business, from collecting payments to free analytics software. Whether you’re on-the-go or in your office, ePaisa helps keep your information in one place.

Cross Device

Use with any smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android.


Record transactions, payments and customer data and access it from your ePaisa Dashboard.

Offline Mode

Record transactions even when the Internet connection is down

Digital Receipts

No more messy paper receipts. Send out digital receipts through email or text message and access them whenever you want.


Customize taxes, other charges, and discounts.


Download customizable reports in XLS, PDF, Google Doc formats.

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Download customizable reports in XLS, PDF, Google Doc formats.

Accept credit and debit cards securely with ePaisa Card Reader. ePaisa encrypts card information at the moment of swipe and doesn’t store data on your device after a payment has been processed.

ePaisa printer machine

Send Receipts Faster

Customers sign on the device and choose to receive a receipt via email or text message. Personalize your signature screen and receipts with a logo and cover photo of your choice

Empower Your Staff

Get card readers, receipt printers, cash drawers, tablet stands and barcode scanners for your employees. Just add a device running the ePaisa app and you have a complete point of sale

Let us help you grow your business

Our sales team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your business needs.