Leisure & Entertainment

The perfect leisure and entertainment point of sale app for your business. Sell concert/movie tickets, track sales and more from behind the counter or out on the road with ePaisa point of sale.

Whether you’re selling movie or concert tickets or out on a gig, ePaisa is the perfect leisure and entertainment point of sale, that lets you take payments at the venue or in person.

Payments At Every Concert Or Movie

“Ever since we have started using ePaisa to accept card payments, our sales have increased. It’s a great app for people like us who are always on the move”

Mr. Mehul Solanki, Meso Design Works

The App That Takes Care Of Your Business

Whether you are an independent service provider or a band of performers, ePaisa POS provides flexible tools to manage your business. Right from billing and managing inventory to tracking sales, it helps you increase efficiency and profitability.

Run Your Business Like A Pro

Get everything you need to run your business, from processing payments to analytics, inventory, and more, so you can keep entertaining and stay focused on your service.

Proper Inventory Management

Manage your merchandise inventory free with ePaisa. Upload and manage multiple items and control details like name, price, and quantity. Get reorder alerts when your stock is running low.

Get Paid Faster

Accept all kinds of payments – cash, cheques, coupons, vouchers, cards and even udhaar (credit). Speed up transaction and quickly ring up sales with minimal fuss by taking your smartphone or tablet to your customer wherever they are.

Reach Out

Keep your customers happy and make sure they come back to you regularly by rewarding them for their loyalty. Sent out personalized offers by collecting email addresses of your customers and increase sales. Allow them to Like or Tweet their experience directly from your digital receipt.

Send Digital Receipts

Send digital email or SMS receipts and get instant feedback from your customers. Customize taxes, discounts and the signature screen with your logo. See trends more quickly, and improve your business, all thanks to your receipts.

Track Sales

Manage and learn more about your business and review your complete sales history by logging into your ePaisa account. Identify your loyal customers and their average spend and more with ePaisa Analytics

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Keep It Mobile

With ePaisa, you can take orders at the venue or on-the-go, allowing customers to pay using their cards. Just sync your card reader with your smartphone or tablet and start accepting payments.

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Engage Your Customers

Create a customer directory with every payment you take. Send promotion, announcement, or event email to your customers and easily promote your business. Get feedback from customers via digital receipts.

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Take Your Back Office With You

Get instant access to all the information about your business, whether you are at the venue or out basking in your fame. ePaisa does the math for you, and updates charts and reports to give you sales history and customer ratings.

Let Us Help You Grow Your Business

Our sales team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your business needs.