Enhance Store Image

Present a sleek and modern image with ePaisa's integrated POS hardware solution.

Save Counter Space

Replace your bulky cash register with a tablet running ePaisa and expand your selling space -- perfect for impulse purchases.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate ePaisa into your application/website to accept payments online or in-store using our payment gateway or card reader.


Offer your customers the world’s fastest and safest payment option.
start accepting bharat qr payments to widen your customer base.

POS Hardware devices - Develop with ePaisa

Point Of Sale Kit

Enhance your ePaisa POS setup with practical hardware accessories and solutions to ensure that nothing interrupts your ability to take payments and run your business.

Card Reader

Our small yet robust chip PIN card readers use industry-leading security standards to maximize data protection.

Receipt Printer

Connect your Point of Sale system to a bluetooth enabled wireless printer, and print beautiful custom receipts. The Bluetooth printers are lightweight weighing about 220 to 330 gms and has a battery life of 500 cycles.

Barcode Scanner​

Connect ePaisa POS to a wireless barcode scanner. Barcodes can be scanned and printed using your own or our integrated barcode scanner. Providing powerful scanning performance, our barcode scanner weighs approximately 250 gms, with a long scan distance of 400 m and a scan rate of 200 times/sec

Card Reader

Get the small yet robust chip and PIN card readers which use industry leading security standards to maximize data protection.

ePaisa printer machine

Receipt Printer

Connect your Point of Sale system to a bluetooth enabled wireless printer, and print beautiful custom receipts. The Bluetooth printers are lightweight weighing about 220 to 330 gms and has a battery life of 500 cycles.

ePaisa WisePos device


Need something more robust? Get your stand-alone Chip and Pin / EVM Card reader with a built-in android phone COM printer and accept payments on the go with ease

Integrations & Add-ons To Power Your Business

Build customized solutions for your business

customer database

Mailchimp Integration

Sync your customer details from ePaisa with MailChimp and start sending stylish email campaigns. Turn your customers into regulars and improve your customer engagement and repeat purchases. Track your email campaign results and know who is coming back again.

Cash Register Tablet - ePaisa | enabling commerce

SDK Integration

Businesses can integrate ePaisa card reader with their existing software systems to create customized and complete solutions that meet different business requirements. The ePaisa payment SDK enables you to integrate payments quickly, securely, simply and individually into your Point of Sale application.

ePaisa different devices - ePaisa | enabling commerce

Integrate Your Online Store

Enhance your online business backend with advanced inventory management by integrating your online store with ePaisa. Keep a birds-eye view of incoming sales, stock levels and general store performance and statistics all from the WordPress integration.

ePaisa Plays Well With Others

Automate the labour intensive processes in your business and seamlessly integrate to Tally and Shopify.


Sell Online – From Your Point Of Sale

The ePaisa – Shopify integration enables you to easily link an online Shopify store to your ePaisa account. The integration takes the pain out of setting up your first online store, and makes it easy for you to manage sales, inventory, and reporting. If you’ve already got a Shopify store, you can use the integration to streamline your operations by syncing your inventory and sales reporting with ePaisa.
  • Sync products, orders, quantities, and pricing data between your eCommerce and brick & mortar store
  • Publish and edit products and variants
  • Update inventory and order info in real time
  • Unlimited imports, updates, and exports available
  • Manage your inventory within ePaisa & your eCommerce site

Integrate ePaisa And Tally, Easily

  • Stop wasting time on manual imports/exports between ePaisa and Tally, and unveil the true power of these apps by integrating them.
  • Need to know what your customer ordered right from your CRM? Need to always keep your list up-to-date? ePaisa can do that for you. Your data is always kept in sync and updated.
  • With the data you receive, gain better insight on customer behavior so you are no longer left questioning. Did they open the email from my last campaign? What did they previously order from my eCommerce site? All the answers are at your fingertips.

Offer businesses everything from mobile app to mobile credit card terminal that allows them to easily and securely accept payments through any smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.