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    POS system - ePaisa | enabling commerce

    Point of Sale

    eatOS’s Point of Sale is a powerful offline and cloud connected restaurant management ecosystem. With integration to Kiosk, KDS, Online ordering and all major payment processors. It is the perfect companion for Quick & Full-Service Restaurants.

    Kitchen Display System

    KDS is a powerful feature which operates on kitchen heat grade hardware and connects the front of house systems like point of sale, kiosk, online and digital ordering to the kitchen team. Capabilities include individual item routing, analytics & reporting of prep times, cancellations and food wastage thereby helping you make informed decisions during most important meal hours.​
    Eatos KDS - ePaisa | enabling commerce
    Kiosk - ePaisa | enabling commerce

    Self Service Kiosk

    eatOS’s Self Service Kiosk is intuitive, easy-to-use and integrates into the Point of Sale and Kitchen Display Screen seamlessly. Reduce costs and cater to the modern customer with Self Service Kiosk at the front of your store or table.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Get real-time data of the restaurant’s performance from anywhere on any device. Cloud-based reporting of all data including product mix, menu analytics, labor data, daily sales & operating reports all in one place online.
    Analytics ePaisa POS - ePaisa | enabling commerce
    Eatos Mobile Ordering - ePaisa | enabling commerce

    Online Ordering & Delivery

    APP & online ordering enables online and mobile ordering for your customers at your restaurant or on the go. Features include order ahead, saving customer profile, previous ordering data, credit card information and seamless integration to the Point of Sale, Kitchen Display Screen and Reporting back-end.

    Workforce Management

    Schedule employee times & shifts. Directly export payroll data from our dashboard to excel & CSV or simply using one of our API integrations to auto-populate payroll real time into your preferred payroll software directly.

    Eatos Attendance - ePaisa | enabling commerce

    24/7 India based customer support and software upgrades included in all packages.