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Epaisa Customers Testimonial - ePaisa Mobile POS System

I own a retail store and have limited storage space. It becomes difficult to determine when I am out of my best selling item and I have to see my unhappy customers walk away. ePaisa helped me keep track of my inventory and now I can reorder my best selling item ahead of time and never run out. My customers are happy and I am happy too.

Shivaji Gaikwad

Janvi Enterprises

Our services are aimed at the discerning traveller visiting Delhi and North India for Business & Leisure. Earlier we were limited to only accepting cash, and we lost out on many customers who preferred to pay by card. With the ePaisa card reader that travels well, our customers without cash can now ride conveniently. We can send out customized promotions and digital receipts right from the ePaisa app. It has not only helped simplify our driving operations but has also improved our billing system & customer management.

Manjeet Kaur

Owner - Raftar Cars

Epaisa POS Customers Testimonials
We at Hindustan Wellness, offer a wide range of preventive heath check up plans to people by collecting their samples from and delivering them at their doorstep. To accept payments, we needed a fully integrated solution which will help us accept card payments and also keep everything in check. ePaisa helped us keep track of our supplies and made it easier to analyze our daily transactions.
Siddharth Sangwan
Founder & CEO, Hindustan Wellness
I use the reporting and analytics feature to optimize my business and review the Top Items to figure out which items to feature more prominently on my online store. The real-time sales numbers from the dashboard help me to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly.
Richard Rodrigues
Shuddhi Therapy

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